Owner of “Maskless Cafe” Defends His Stance on "The Chip Franklin Show"

Radio Interview on April 6, 2021

Chris Castleman, Owner of Fiddleheads Cafe in Mendocino County, joins The Chip Franklin Show. His business was fined $10 thousand dollars for workers not wearing facial coverings or otherwise comply with Mendocino county’s health order. Now they are offering 50% discount to those who throw away their masks before entering the establishment.

Click here to hear the full radio interview (20 minutes): https://www.kgoradio.com/2021/04/07/the-chip-franklin-show-owner-of-maskless-cafe-defends-his-stance/


  • Keep on fighting! Don’t let corrupt politicians tell you what to do. I will come buy to support you on our roadtrip at the end of the month. God bless!

    Matt King
  • My mother was born in Mendocino and my family came there at the turn of the century. Over the years, we’ve seen Mendocino dissolve into a den of liberal fascism and will never do business there again. I hope the people who support you make sure that everyone knows that any business that tries to occupy that space does not survive. Hopefully, the new owners will sit on that vacant “investment” for many years.

    David Abblett
  • Looking forward to visiting you place in August. Love all your signs! We are wide open in NJ/NY finally and doing just fine! Time to open wide CA.

  • Owner of the building should be admonished for being totally unfair in closing Fiddleheads and putting owner and workers our of a job and livelihood. A massive write-in/ is in order.

    Estelle Chidholm
  • Patriotic Thanks to you and your establishment for standing up for us all. 99% of Masks are not medically approved and it isn’t a vaccine, it’s a gene therapy inoculation that legally should not be called a vaccine because it contains nothing to trigger the bodies immune response factory. God Bless and Best Wishes.


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