Mendocino County fines owner $10,000 for defying local health order

Excerpt from June 17, 2020 article on The Press Democrat:

Mendocino County officials have issued a $10,000 citation against the owner of a coastal restaurant for his persistent defiance of a countywide health order intended to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

“I’m not going to tell my employees to do anything,” Castleman said Wednesday. “That’s between them and the county. In general, the stance I have on all this is it’s about personal responsibility and personal choice. It’s not about me being a police officer.”

Castleman has owned the tiny cafe for two years. He employs seven people, including a cook who would find a mask unbearable in the steaming hot kitchen, he said, and another employee with a history of domestic violence and claustrophobia who finds them unbearable.

He’s made his disdain for local health measures clear through signs posted out front of his Lansing Street business, stating in part, “Our freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins.”

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  • Loved your interview on Stuart Varney’s show today. Keep the good fight going.
    Sorry to hear about the $10k fine, but love the $5 charge that has raised $2000 for charity.
    Retired near Tahoe, but will make my way to your cafe some day very soon.
    Native northern Californian but live in Nevada now because my state left me.

    John Imsdahl
  • I know who I’m giving money to for food

    Shawn Szentmiklosy
  • I am trying to order food from you, which I do not want for I am in Washington State, but I cannot drive down and enjoy your Cafe so I’ll fund ya somehow!!! Workin’ the problem…

    Michelle C Thomas-Tibbetts
  • Dude, you’re awesome!!

    Kelsey Rodriguez

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