Mendocino County Coast Restaurant Defies Pandemic Protocol

Excerpt from April 1, 2021 article on Mendo Fever:

In the bucolic seaside town of Mendocino, Fiddleheads Cafe, a restaurant previously known for shutting down in June 2020 after refusing to comply with masking orders, has once again caused local consternation after owner Chris Castleman displayed a sign that reads, “Throw Your Mask(s) in our trash bin and receive 50% off your order.”

Mendocino County’s Code Enforcement Supervisor John Burkes said the county had received complaints regarding Fiddleheads and is “investigating as we speak.”

The sign that caused community concern and launched a new code enforcement investigation. When asked whether the “Throw Your Mask(s) in the Trash” sign was against the county health code, Burkes confirmed that as per Mendocino County Health orders, anybody entering or circulating in a facility is required to wear a mask.

When we asked Mendocino County 5th District Supervisor Ted Williams for comment regarding Castleman’s sign, he simply said, “Imagine the good he could do with that energy.”

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  • Here in the Midwest we would call it a violation of basic rights,could give out her phone number,and let the public inform her themselves that she is making a bad choice i.e.lost revenue

    J P
  • Thanks for taking a stand!!!!! My wife and I couldn’t take Sonoma County anymore and just moved to Tennessee. About 5% of the population wears masks. No one is dying. Now, if only we would all stop watching mainstream media.

    Cole Harrison
  • I live in Green Bay and want you to know we love what we’re hearing about you and your stand with the PlanDemic!!! Great job guys! I’ll have to come have some lunch next time I visit family out there!

    Lori Fameree

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