Letter to the citizens of Mendocino County

May 30, 2020

Dear Mendocino County,

I respect everyone who has been taking actions over the past few months to protect their family, friends, coworkers, and the community. But protecting our health does not just end with COVID-19. There are serious negative effects of an economic shutdown and lack of social interaction on a person’s mental well being. Depression, suicide, child abuse, domestic abuse, substance abuse, etc. These sometimes permanent consequences have been researched and documented for decades.

It is for this reason that I ask for your understanding in my attempt to protect the health and well being of my family, friends, coworkers, and community. Over the past few months, this cafe has become a stronghold for many as the last remaining place of normalcy in Mendocino, something that is required to not lose the battle some people may be fighting internally. This environment is essential -- maybe not to you, but it is essential to some.

If we are all truly in this together, please consider our concerns for mental sanity and financial freedom during this unprecedented crisis. Just because our solution is different than yours doesn’t make it wrong, and it certainly should not make us criminals. I love and care for Mendocino, which is why I will not close my doors to those in this town asking me to keep them open.

I will not stop cooking meals for my community.
I will not cover my business in plexiglass and plastic tarps.
I will go to the beach with my dog.
I will hang out with my friends at the park.
I will give handshakes to strangers.
And I will never be forced to hide my smile.

I’m not asking you to agree with me, but please for goodness sake,
Do not criminalize normal human behavior.

Thank you,
Chris Castleman
Owner, Fiddleheads Cafe
Mendocino, California


  • Love this … having the balls to call out this shit show is fantastic ….. hope you win the lottery ….. never forget that Trump gave us the vaccines 😂😂😂


    Ricky G
  • Just found out about you through an Epoch Times article covering the $5 mask charge you’ve implemented. It is a pleasure to read of such a strong, patriotic business owner in California. There are few I know of, Primo’s Barbershop in Vacaville is one. It has been devastating to see what the government can do to people and witness many business owners not only comply, but turn on other business owners in a desperate attempt to spare themselves. I lived in Sonoma County, but I left the state behind due to the corrupt place it has declined into. Voices such as yours give us hope in very dark times! We stand with you! God bless!

    Thank You!
  • I am sick and tired of the political, virtual signaling, pee-pee-dance ’ I got my jab’, cognitive dissonance, finger-pointing, out-of-mind Karen’s, if-looks-could-kill-I’d-be-dead, paranoid, double-masked-while-driving-alone, pissed-off-from-lack-of-oxygen people!

    Chris Castleman, you are a breath of fresh air to this stagnate, over killed, it’s only 14 days agenda!

    The end.

  • Thank you, Chris, for your courage and commitment to your customers and neighbors, and to all of us 7.85 billion humans. Over the past year I have read of restaurant owners put in terrible positions by government mandates – in Minnesota, in New York, in Toronto, and elsewhere. I wish I could visit all these places to show my support.

    Your letter (above) and your restaurant signs are quite inspiring, both in showing respect for other people’s views as well as requesting their respect for the views of your customers, yourself, and many of us in the rest of the world.

    William Brooks Hull
  • Dear Chris Castleman

    To discover your personal posts and principled business practices in relation to that nasty “covid” campaign, is like rediscovering oxygen amidst an air made toxic by a phenomenally evil pack of lies.

    The 2019-ongoing Covid-Corona campaign is not a medical issue, but a political issue. It is arguably a form of terrorism. Its objectives are to destroy civilizations as we knew them, and to subject the few survivors and the rubble of their former respective society, to the dominance of a transnational tyranny neatly packaged as “global governance”. The transition into ’the great reset" is operated by fear mongering with “pandemia”, and the subsequent operations of those who entertain such lunacy of “Supremacy and Dominance” will be obfuscated and sugar-coated behind a lofty “Artificial Intelligence” devoid of ethics, and used to the sole advantage of the tiny group of global oppressors.

    As to who are these destroyers and oppressors, at he core of that global Coup d’Etat, and who are their accomplices, is not exactly secret. But like with other historical lies before, their exposure in public discourse is entirely silenced. This was reached by their previous undermining, infiltration and finally capture of medias, economy, public pundits, academia, and our political and judicial systems. Thus all outlets claim and publish the same uniform pre-hashed toxic mush, thereby hypnotizing Nations’ abilities to make decisions based on knowledge and free choice. The overwhelming majority of We-the-People is gradually reduced to a collective degraded stage, dis-empowered, pauperized, hypnotized, dumbified, zombified, and permanently fearful about everything. And by the use of genotoxic, neurotoxic substances injected to masses, falsely labeled as “vaccine”, long term public health, reproduction rates and mortality will reach catastrophic levels in years and decades ahead.

    Your posts and practices are the shining example to humanity, how we humans with Free Minds are capable to think, and to act accordingly, by honorable refusal to comply with destructive and oppressive politics, by refusing to be reduced to either victim or accessory of what are arguably Crimes Against Humanity.

    Thank you for your courage and dignity, thank you for the breathable air you project into our common space.

    I suppose you probably will not approve my comment for publication here, and that is fine. My aim is mainly to thank you personally, and to signal that even here in California, you have a vast (and certainly diverse) set of people who share at various degrees the same opinion as you do.



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