Letter to the citizens of Mendocino County

May 30, 2020

Dear Mendocino County,

I respect everyone who has been taking actions over the past few months to protect their family, friends, coworkers, and the community. But protecting our health does not just end with COVID-19. There are serious negative effects of an economic shutdown and lack of social interaction on a person’s mental well being. Depression, suicide, child abuse, domestic abuse, substance abuse, etc. These sometimes permanent consequences have been researched and documented for decades.

It is for this reason that I ask for your understanding in my attempt to protect the health and well being of my family, friends, coworkers, and community. Over the past few months, this cafe has become a stronghold for many as the last remaining place of normalcy in Mendocino, something that is required to not lose the battle some people may be fighting internally. This environment is essential -- maybe not to you, but it is essential to some.

If we are all truly in this together, please consider our concerns for mental sanity and financial freedom during this unprecedented crisis. Just because our solution is different than yours doesn’t make it wrong, and it certainly should not make us criminals. I love and care for Mendocino, which is why I will not close my doors to those in this town asking me to keep them open.

I will not stop cooking meals for my community.
I will not cover my business in plexiglass and plastic tarps.
I will go to the beach with my dog.
I will hang out with my friends at the park.
I will give handshakes to strangers.
And I will never be forced to hide my smile.

I’m not asking you to agree with me, but please for goodness sake,
Do not criminalize normal human behavior.

Thank you,
Chris Castleman
Owner, Fiddleheads Cafe
Mendocino, California


  • I stopped in today and shared info re: peterdaszak.com. The cat is entirely out of the bag now given Fauci’s recent email dumps. We’ve been duped. Played like a funky piano. We can sit around and wait for mainstream to catch up, but too much damage has already been done, and I applaud the efforts of businesses like this one. If you’re happy to do china’s bidding, you are no American. Nobody cares about freedom until it’s gone. I look forward to supporting your business for a long time to come.

  • Hi Chris,
    I saw you on Peggy Hall and you are doing an awesome job! I stand with you as a business owner and American.
    You are overwhelmingly not alone. Stand tall and keep up the good work!
    Dr. Mark LeMay

    Mark LeMay
  • Dear Chris,

    Just had to send note of support when I recently learned of your resistance to these psyops and that some “peace-lover” wished you would die of CV1984. (Mind you, I have long been a fringe leftist) I live in San Francisco and am surrounded by non-stop virtue signalling (never wear a mask until coerced by shopkeeper…and even it is a guaze thin scarf that i never wash). Your article couching the (NEVER intended for diagnosis per inventor, Cary Mullis) PCR tests is brilliant…thank you!

    Jutka Mandoki
  • Prayers to you and your business!
    Keep up the good fight against a tyrannical government too big for their britches!


    Christie Chacon

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