COVID-19 average age of death exceeds average life expectancy

I've been comparing the average age of death for various pandemics in history. Here are some that I have been able to track down:

COVID-19 80
H1N1 (2009) 40
H3N2 (1968) < 65
H2N2 (1957) < 65
Spanish Flu (1918) 28
Seasonal influenza (source needed) > 65 ??

**click on pandemic name for sources**

What I find most interesting is the drastic difference in age of death for the 1918 Spanish Flu (28 years) and  COVID-19 (80 years). Also notable is that the average life expectancy in the United States is 78.7 years, over a year lower than that of COVID-19.

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  • You are awesome. CA needs more brave independent thinkers like yourself. Keep it up

  • You are so right on! Please, don’t ever stop. I’ll be in the Mendocino area in July and will proudly and cheerfully drop in to dine and support you 100%!
    Boldly now.

    Rebecca Miller
  • I agree it’s all ridiculous and damaging.
    We in blue states are certainly challenged!
    I appreciate and applaud the courage and conviction of the“Fiddleheads Cafe”…
    Stay strong and God bless

    Valerie Gregory
  • Thank you for fighting the fight! Stand strong in our freedoms!

    Jeanette Finds The Feather
  • I think this is all a bunch of garbage and most of this so called virus is influenza. I’m tired of the manipulation and insanity caused by it. The sad thing is how fearful people are and how horrible the increase in suicide is. It’s horrible how people treat each other and it’s horrible how our kids lives have been screwed up for education and how much money we have wasted over this event when we could have been using therapeutics that work. I’m hoping you are actually staying open because I really want a place to go get a cup of coffee and hang out for breakfast without wearing a stupid face diaper when I come. I used to come every year about five times a year. Seems the people of your community are so afraid they have to even try to penalize people for not wearing masks outside. It’s a joke. I’m sorry you have had to deal with all of the crazy and to me you are a hero for opening up.

    Lesa Shippelhoute

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